Holy Trinity is one of the four Anglican churches in Aldershot.
We offer contemporary worship of the living Lord Jesus and have special groups for our younger members during the 11:15 service.
We boast of nothing other than Jesus Christ, the son of God and Him crucified for our sins.
We aim: to know God's love, to show God's love and to share God's love. We do this with each other and within the wider community.


20th May - Special United 5 Congregation Service

Special United 5 Congregation Service on Sunday 20th May (Pentecost and marking the culmination of 10 days of prayer). This will be at 10.30am as an 'all age' service and followed by a shared meal.


Annual Report 2017


Coming Soon - The Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Course.

To book in contact a member of staff.


Monthly Diary

Our diary of up and coming events



What Hurts You The Most?

Everybody hurts but not everybody has hope. WHO CARES? is a nationawide initiative where churches are working together to listen to the needs of local people and offer compassion and hope. You can tell us what hurts you the most, hear true life stories of ordinary people working through painful times, as well as connect with people who care.

Who Cares

Who Cares Hampshire



10 Years Of TCPT


Thy Kingdom Come/10 Days of Prayer

For many years now the churches of Aldershot have gathered together to serve the town through acts of service, worship and prayer.

In keeping with this Aldershot Churches Together (ACT) would like to invite you to join us during the national period of prayer between Ascension Day and Pentecost Sunday.

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The SHAPE course

What is your shape?

Not your individual body shape, but your unique S.H.A.P.E. which helps to form the Body of Christ, His Church, and in particular this local branch of Christ's Church, Holy Trinity, Aldershot.

S.H.A.P.E. describes our

Spiritual Gifts - God's unique gifts to us, for the building of His church.

Heart - what motivates and excites us; what we love to do.

Abilities - our talents, knowledge and skills.

Personality - our character, personal qualities and strengths.

Experience - the prism through which so much of God's work in us is revealed.

The SHAPE course lasts just 3 sessions with an opportunity for a 1:1 follow-up conversation afterwards if that would be helpful. We will be running it on Wednesday evening, (7th March). Thursday evenings, (8th and 15th March), and Monday afternoons at 1.30pm (March 5th, 19th and 26th).